Search engine optimization is an essential practice for ranking a website. Well, when it comes to SEO, we can’t exclude link building. It not only helps you build authority but can drive more targeted traffic.

The good thing is many experts are implementing some advanced techniques for link building. These strategies will give you a long-term result. In this article, we are covering what is Skyscraper technique and how to implement it to start link building for your website.

This strategy is ideal for both beginners and experts. However, you have to be careful while implementing. So, let’s find out.

Importance of Link Building

Before we start with the Skyscraper technique, you have to know about the importance of link building. It’s essential for beginners as most of them are not serious about building links. The key focus of creating hyperlinks is improving search engine visibility.

Link building includes several activities including email outreach, content marketing, and broken link building. There was a time when Yahoo used to rank a website based on the content.

However, this thing has changed as Google started dominating the internet. Google introduced the PageRank Algorithm to rank a website that has good link backing. This means Google checks how many websites are linked to your page.

Skyscraper Technique – Best Link Building Strategy

Skyscraper is one of the best white-hat SEO techniques right now. The best thing about this strategy is you can easily implement it. Before the Skyscraper technique was introduced, digital marketers used to implement black hat SEO strategies.

Well, in today’s world, black hat link building strategies can affect your website. On the other hand, paid search and paid promotion can’t give you long-term success. Brian Dean, the owner of Backlinko was the inventor of the Skyscraper technique.

Dean first implemented this technique for his website. The success rate of this SEO strategy was 11%. Moreover, the traffic of his website doubled within 14 days. His website has over 1800 referring domains.

After getting success, he applied it for his clients’ websites. Now, the Skyscraper technique can help everyone if it’s implemented properly. However, this strategy doesn’t work many times. You need to follow some important steps to use the Skyscraper technique.

How to Implement Skyscraper Technique

To apply the Skyscraper technique for your website, you need to follow four content planning steps. If you are implementing this strategy, you have to be careful. Let’s find out how you can start link building with the Skyscraper technique:

1. Research

The first step of this method is research. As we mentioned above, a good website can help you rank higher. When your page is linked to a higher authority website, it can attract Google easily. On the other hand, you can also find good websites through keyword research.

There are several websites available for keyword research including ahrefMoz, and Google Keyword Planner. When you are searching some high authority websites with keyword research, make sure it’s relevant to your business.

If you are using Ahrefs, you can also use the Content Explorer tool. You can also use multiple filters to get the best results. Make a list of all these websites.

2. Start Analyzing

Analyzing is very essential when you are serious about growing your business. No matter which tool you are using to gather information on higher authority websites, you need to analyze them before taking a step. You need to consider some factors such as:

If the website is relevant to your industry, audience, and product that you sell

Check if you have skills and resources to create better content than these sites

What questions the audience of this industry is asking that these websites were unable to answer

Can you match up with your competitors when it comes to outperforming them.

3. Create Better Content

This step of the Skyscraper Technique is the most crucial one. If you are done with analyzing, it’s time to create better content than your competitors. As we mentioned above, you have to choose those websites that you can outperform.

So, make sure you have enough resources to write better content. According to Brian Dean, you need to write fresh and in-depth content to grab everyone’s attention. On the other hand, you have to make the content visually appealing.

For example, if your competitor has a list of 20 tips, make sure you are adding more. Plus, check if your competitor’s content is outdated. So, you can update your content with advanced techniques, images, and information.

4. Email Outreach

The last step of this Skyscraper technique is email outreach. To complete this step, you have to export all prospects. If you are using Ahrefs, you can easily export the do-follow prospect report. Now, you have a list of all your competitors’ websites.

To get their email addresses, you can use a tool called Just copy a website’s URL and paste it into the search section of You can also upload the export report to this website. Then, export the file of email addresses from Hunter.

If you want to reduce this email address, you can use the NeverBounce tool. The best software for email outreach is Lemlist. You can use their free trial for link building as well.

Can Skyscraper Strategy Fail?

When you are implementing the Skyscraper technique in a proper way, you can get the best result. However, there are so many failure stories as well. Olga Mykhoparkina has explained how the Skyscraper technique was a failure for her team. It wouldn’t work in several conditions such as:

Selecting irrelevant keywords for your website

As an unknown person, you shouldn’t start emailing random people. Make sure your business has enough authority

Email outreach can be a big failure if you are not taking the right step

To avoid link building failure, make sure you are understanding the Skyscraper technique first. For more information, you can contact an SEO expert as well.

Skyscraper For Small Business

The Skyscraper Technique can be the ideal link building strategy for small businesses. Before you start implementing this strategy, make sure you are committed to giving at least 15 days. This technique has the potential to double your sales. If you don’t have enough time to do these things by yourself, you can outsource your work.


Finally, you know how to start link building with the Skyscraper technique. Many people have seen an outstanding result after implementing this white-hat SEO strategy. We have covered each step of the Skyscraper technique. If you are a beginner, you can also contact an SEO expert.

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